This is the campaign site for Rise of the Runelords.

It is the year 1303 by Westron Reckoning, and in the kingdom of Visyra, the humble town of Sandpoint prepares for the Swallowtail Festival, celebrating the consecration of a new temple. Five years after a terrible fire and string of brutal murders plagued the town, the inhabitants of the sleepy coastal village look forward to a fine celebration.

The adventure path has been modified to fit into my homebrew setting of Allaran, and races and deities are altered to reflect this. Setting information can be found on the wiki here.

House Rules

Healer’s Kits heal 1d6 hp+1d6/5 pts over DC. Base DC to heal is 15. Healer’s Kits may only be used in this manner once per day per character.

All ones rolled for hit points and critical damage are rerolled.

Each player rolls 4d6, dropping the lowest roll, seven times and chooses the best six rolls for character creation.

Start with max gold for first level.

Gnooble Rise of the Runelords

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