Gnooble Rise of the Runelords

Cyx'andriel's Journal

Raid on Thistletop

An attack on the goblin stronghold, Thistletop, was stymied many times due to poor planning and silly tactics. Cyx’andriel was determined to speak his mind more in the future to stop any suicidal stupidity – such as climbing and eighty foot cliff face with goblins waiting at the top as the prime stratagem for a stronghold assault. All in all, it will take two days to assault the stronghold… I hope there is nothing that is hinging on time as a factor…

We made our way through the briar-bristles or whatever those prickly shrubs these humans call it with little opposition. A gaggle of starving goblins proved no resistance and the 3 goblins with 1 dog were barely a road bump. They were obviously wary though, as soon as they saw us, one of them ran for help – I was only able to halt him when he reached the Thistletops main gate. The goblin gurgled his pleas for entrance as my my arrow pierced its throat.

We crossed the rickety wooden bridge to the stockade like walls and climbed up to an empty watch tower. We quickly made our way through the keep, massacring goblins as they maddeningly tried to stop us. We found their king and disposed of him with gecko mount and a warchanter – despite the quartet of goblin commandos dropping from the ceiling.

Further into the keep, we found a majestic horse being held captive and tortured by the goblins. We released it into the courtyard, hoping to take it with us as we leave. But first we needed to explore the underground lair of the goblins, beneath the keep itself.

It was there that we found Tetso, Ameiko’s brother and some wizardess named Lyrie. We were able to subdue Tetso in order to drag him back to town, but Lyrie was slain.

Further exploration yielded a room with goblin females and a bugbear – perhaps this was the infamous bugbear that Shalelu mention? We slew the bugbear and the goblins, as horrible as it sounds, it was most likely for the best.



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