43 gp
0 sp
2 cp
Tsuto’s Journal
Goblin guts
Obsidian Holy Symbol
Silver Dagger

+1 Studded (bone) leather armor
Cloak of Resistance +1
Wand of Produce Flame (34 charges)
Wand of Tree Shape (4 charges)
2x Potion of Cure Light Wounds
4 dogslicers
9 javelins

27p 1360g 6012s 7432c
34 badly flawed Malachites (1gp each)
40 Precious Stones (10gp each, 400g)
Jade Amulet of Natural Armor +1 [Caed]
Pearl-Handled Dagger
+1 Short Sword
mwk Breastplate (small)
Dented Crown
Bronze Key Ring
mwk Shortbow
Iron Key
Silver Holy Symbol of Lamashtu, with garnets for eyes
Chain shirt (medium)
Mwk Scimitar
mwk Manacles
Gold Holy Symbol of Solan (100gp)
Fine Blue Silk Gown with Silver Trim (150gp)
Scroll of comprehend Languages
Scroll of Minor Image
Scroll of See Invisibility
Scroll of Sleep
Scroll of Whispering Wind
Wand of Magic Missile (38 charges)
Cloak of Resistance +1
Silver comb (25 gp)
Fine silk gown (60 gp)
Everburning torch
Small pouch of Artifacts (hair, fingernail clipping, used handkerchiefs, and a pearl earring worth 50 gp),
Spellbook (Lyrie)
ring of protection +1 [Radeg],
masterwork thieves’ tools
masterwork flute
silver earrings (25 gp for the pair)
6 pouches of gold dust worth 50 gp each,
8 pouches of silver dust worth 5 gp each,
+1 Hide Armor
4x +1 Elf Bane Arrows
Studded Leather
Heavy Flail
mwk Composite Longbow +20 arrows
Silver Ring (worth 50gp)
+1 Banded Mail [Caed]
+1 Heavy steel Shield [Radeg]
Composite Longbow +20 arrows
+1 Breastplate
+2 Bastard Sword
Mwk Composite Longbow +20 arrows
Sihedron Medallion
Gold Holy Symbol (Lamashtu, 100gp)
Ancient Gold/Bronze Helm (3000gp)


The Seven’s Sawmill
wand of cure moderate wounds (12 charges)
mithral chain shirt
+1 buckler
+1 short sword
375g masterwork hand crossbow with 10 poisoned bolts
20k x13 skinsaw mask + reaper’s mask
4004g x16 mwk war razor
x3 potions of barkskin +3
600g box of diamonds (600 gp total, 3 bags of 100 gp each Crystal Decanter
wizard’s spellbook emblazoned with two entwined snakes (one red, one green)


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